Upsy is an AI powered shopping helper that brings the human touch to e-commerce.

Build stronger relationships to your customers and create conversions like never before.

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The Fully Automated AI Powered Sales Process with Upsy

Upsy Shopping Helper does what a human salesperson would do. With Upsy you help your clients to find  the right products, offer interesting options, suggest additional products and answer all your common product and service questions – fully automatically.

Intelligent Search

Help finding the right product


Offer options and product upgrades


Make intelligent product recommendations and bundles

Invite back

Propose additional products and offer a discount code

Why Upsy?

Upsy Shopping Helper harnesses the power of AI for the benefit of your e-commerce business. It employs the latest technologies that help you lead your customers to checkout, boost your sales and obtain valuable insights on customer behaviour and performance.


ROI expected from investments in AI and machine learning by 2023*


increase in conversion rates for Upsy users


decrease in contacts to customer support


Growth in average purchase

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Make people click

Put your customers at the heart of your business by being there for them – automatically.

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Plug and play

Integrate Upsy into your platform and start growing your business at a fixed price with no extra effort.

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Enjoy the ride

Make your AI powered sales work harder so you can focus on running your business.

How it works?

Shopping Helper
Data dashboard

With Upsy Shopping Helper you automatically:

  • get to employ state of the art AI technology in your webshop

  • help your customers find the products they want

  • offer interesting options and product upgrades

  • make intelligent product recommendations and bundles
  • get actionable metrics offering business relevant data that allows you to constantly identify areas of improvement

  • build stronger relationships to your customers and lift your online store to the bigger league

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Our clients say:



Of all sales are made with Upsy

We have a huge product catalog, so customers need help. Upsy does what a human seller would do, helps to find the right products and is giving suggestions. Upsy users have 37.2% higher average purchase and already 17.2% of total sales come Upsy assisted.

Tommi Tarkkanen

Entrepreneur at



Growth at shopping cart size


Best in Upsy is that it works automatically and Upsy´s recommendation algorithm learns without the need of teaching it. It also saves a lot of time from our customer service. Upsy users have 54% higher conversion and it is completing over 1100 customer service tasks in a month, automatically.

Vladimir Tokoi

Owner and CEO at Tokoi eCommerce Ltd

Upsy Pricing

Our pricing is all-inclusive and transparent with easy forecasting and no surprises. Find the right plan for you and power up your business.

Journey to growth

starting from 390 €/month

Intelligent service and sales automation solution for businesses that want to step up.

Everything you get with Journey to Growth:

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blue tick
blue tick

Product information content deployment

FAQ content integration

Dashboard and actionable metrics

Loved by 86% of customers!

AI power boost

starting from 795 €/month

AI recommendation engine for businesses on a mission to grow faster.

Everything in Journey to Growth, plus:

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Behaviour based sales patterns

Upselling and cross-selling features

Intelligent recommendation model

Leap into the future

Custom prices

For businesses seeking enterprise-grade workflows, controls, integrations, and support.

Please contact us for more information.

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